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Heart & Soul Sanctuary

11 E. Dale Street

Flagstaff, AZ. 86001

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Sessions can be on the phone or in-person.


"I received a reading with Alex over the phone. The immediacy and convenience was much appreciated. Alex was able to give me insight using tarot symbolism and chakra visualizations. I was also given gemstone recommendations and contemplations to carry with me as I watched the insight of my reading unfold in the following days and weeks.  Everything Alex said was gentle and precise, completely on point. I am still using the chakra visualization in my daily sitting meditation practice.  I highly recommend Alex for anyone looking for clarity and healing!" - Anna Marie

"My reading was the first time I spoke with Alex and he immediately cut through to the matter that was most prevalent on my heart and mind. The reading was helpful and gentle. His information accurately connected with where I was and Alex gave me encouragement in how to continue to find my direction. I am definitely glad for this reading!" -Tahj

"I consulted with Alex during a particularly confusing and difficult time in my life. His insight and guidance gave me strength and clarity to make the right choices. Our session really helped to clear the "fog" surrounding the situation. I'm very glad I had the opportunity to receive a message from Alex. It was on point, and what I needed to hear."


"Alex was very kind to work with my busy schedule for my reading. He gave me simple yet insightful information that really resonated with me and where I am right now. I would welcome the opportunity to talk with Alex again, he has a lot of helpful guidance to offer!"

- Inga

"I am a leukemia survivor who gets tested regularly at my oncologist’s. It’s always a stressful process, bringing up PTSD and fear, and I consulted with Alex before one of my appointments to see if there was anything I needed to clear. He guided me through a shamanic journey where I was able to contact a powerful spirit guide, revisit two times in my life where I felt the most disempowered, and witness my present, past, and child-self heal each other simply by being there for each other and offering love and wisdom. Alex just seems to know what words are needed, which questions to ask, and has the remarkable capacity to hold space for whatever is burdening your heart. I found this to be an incredibly speedy and transformative type of healing, and I would wholeheartedly recommend him to any of my friends and family!"    -Dorris

"Alex’s reading has continued to unfold all week. At first it sounded quite simple but then the far reaching impacts of the reading continued to marinate and bubble up for days. Alex’s reading was a little different from what I’d expected. He did a reading for me before our phone call ever began, and told me what he saw. During our call he shared his reading, and then I was able to ask questions about my life in general. I realized by the end of the reading that his reading answered all of my questions. Amazing! And I liked hearing his reading before I even said a word. It made me feel like his connection was unbiased by my style and my energy that day. I have been working on the things he suggested I work on and am experiencing profound healing. I’m delighted that Alex is offering this gift to the world. May we all be of benefit! Blessed Be." - Jen

"Alex was right on point with what I've been concerned with lately. He showed me a few things I can use to help with my stagnant creative work. He's a great listener and gives fantastic advice!" -Katie

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