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In facilitating the transformative 'Soul Seer Experience,' Alex utilizes a combination of channeling, dialogue, music, energy healing and shamanic techniques to enable an intense personal and collective spiritual and healing experience at both the conscious and subconscious levels. Alex works with small to large gatherings (minimum of 5 people) to focus on a designated subject or question, either determined by the group or channeled directly by him.  Dialogue is a critical aspect of the Soul Seer Experience, and he ensures that participants have the opportunity to ask direct questions and share individual insights and perspectives.  Music is also a critical component to the transformative aspect of the experience, and Alex's beloved partner, Dorris, is a celebrated musician and songwriter who will be contributing her musical talents to heighten the experience.  The other components of the Soul Seer Experience, like the use of crystals, tarot cards, and rituals may vary depending on the unique needs of the participants and group as a whole, as well as the spiritual guidance that Alex receives to conduct the session. Whether new to the spiritual path, or looking to dive deeper into the spiritual journey, he welcomes you to join him in this eye-opening, exciting journey into Spirit and the illumination of your soul’s truth. Come learn to facilitate your own mastery!

"I’ve had the privilege of hearing Alex speak on several occasions.  I’ve also participated in his shamanic journeys, and in both cases I always come away with a feeling of enlightenment and joy.  While looking for words and expressions to describe Alex and his messages, I’ve latched on to the following: clear, concise, articulate, a bit of humor, a bit of pain, irreverent, meaningful, hopeful, joyous, the whole gamut.  Alex knows how to tell a story, raise goosebumps, get you going and leave you feeling refreshed."  – Dudley B.

"I met Alex while attending the Shamanic Shifts Journey group he was offering on a bi-monthly basis in Flagstaff. At the time, I was looking for a spiritual group where I could connect with others doing Soul work and exploration. I was so pleasantly surprised when I walked in and immediately felt at home. Alex holds a strong sacred container for journey work and invites the wisdom of each individual to come forward. His presence is heart-felt and genuine. I deeply appreciate all I've received by being in the group and the space Alex created for connecting with other Souls in the community. He gracefully weaves together both beginners and those more seasoned. I will definitely be attending more offerings in the future!" – Katie K.

Thursday, August 23rd

The Soul Seer Experience

Heart and Soul Sanctuary

11 E. Dale Ave, Flagstaff, AZ





As a minister-in-training, Alex is experienced in delivering thought-provoking sermons on a wide range of topics.  He blends personal experience, spiritual insight, and his unique perspective to provide a fresh approach to spiritual themes.  View his previous sermons here.  If your church or spiritual center is interested in inviting Alex to preach to your congregation, please contact him directly here.  He is also available to speak in other spiritual and professional settings, including, but not limited to: conferences, workshops, training events, retreats, intensives, and other private events.

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"Alex is an inspired speaker, providing fresh, unique and inspired perspectives on well-treaded topics ranging from 'love' to 'faith.'  He has a way of speaking to both the heart and the mind, opening both together, while nurturing a deeper understanding of the human soul.  I anxiously await what this inspired teacher has to share next; he is someone to follow as an emerging spiritual teacher and leader, ushering us into higher consciousness on an individual and collective level." - Danica B.

“Alex Reegan’s sermons can be disarming in their simplicity and familiarity, but they contain a depth and wisdom that I find staggering. I wish I could start every day with one of his talks.” – Nate B.



Alex Reegan

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