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Continue moving into the space of just being. You are who you are. That is enough. Do not try to diminish yourself or make yourself smaller. Let yourself be seen. Be heard. Bear witness to yourself.

One of Alex's gifts is being a channel of spirit. Alex works with many different spirit guides, angels and other entities to access spiritual lessons that often have a deep impact on both him and those who read or listen to the channeling. He posts many of his channelings to the Sovereign Healing Blog and in the future he will be posting videos of new channelings here for you to view as well.


Be Broken Down, Be Remade

We must at times be broken down, ground to bits in order to be recreated into the new object. Every thing in creation follows this format, from the natural births of living plants, animals and beings, to the fabricated items that we as humans create. We are made up of bits of and pieces of other particles. We are then transformed through energy into the entities that we are now. Why is it so hard for us to grasp that we are all connected to that one same energy, that light, that source, that beam that flashes through the universe, shocking/imbuing energy into matter, into life? We are all pieces of that. Parts of the same matter, made from the stars, the dirt, the sun, the light, the dark. And we all return to that. We return to these fractional bits of the universe. Coexisting again with all nature/ creation. Yet we fear this transformation. We fear the shedding of our skin. We think that things can never be the same if we’re not still this same person that we were yesterday. But we cannot stay the same, our cells are ever-regenerating and there will even come a time when our cells will choose to no longer regenerate, a time when we will allow that energy, that light source that brought us to this experience, to move onto other endeavors. It is not a mistake or something wrong, something bad that happens, it is part of the cycle of energy that is continually swirling around us. The part that creates universes and stars and galaxies we can’t even see or fathom existing. We came here to create, based on the agreements we made long before we took that breath in the form we are in now. We also made agreements that appear to be in our future, for other lifetimes, as other beings, and those must be upheld also. Humans often fear that time moves too fast, that they don’t have enough “time” to say the things they want to say or do the things they want to do. But time is a figment of our creation here. Time exists only because we name it that, and believe we must follow its tenets. But we are actually not beholden to that. Time serves us, it is not our master. We are its. But that word, “master,” it confuses many humans. You think that means “lord over,” that it gives you the right to destroy or create pawns with, yet a true master does not do these things. A true master sees themselves as the master and creator of their own universe, not that of others. They don’t need others to behave or do as they need them to do so that they will feel better they allow the other beings and energy forces around them to be the masters of their own source, as truly you/we are all parts of the Whole.



As children we often have the desire for a light to be left on. We want to know there is light out there in the darkness. What that represents is less about a fear of the dark and the unknown, surprisingly, and actually it’s an intentional space that was placed in our subconscious mind to make us feel at home. There is always a light left on for us. We always have that space held for us by the Great Spirit and divine source that we resonate with because we are created from it. As humans we yearn for that connectedness, to something, to anything, and that space is held for us from the moment we take our first breath here to the moment we take our last. Remind people of this, remind them of their connection to the Great Spirit that rides through all we see in this place, and is everything we do not see. Let that light draw you in, and fill you up, knowing it represents the light of your very creation, your very essence. May you taste the knowledge that you are so loved and that even in what your human mind perceives as its darkest hour, the light is still on for you, calling you home, whispering you are not alone and your light that grows from inside you, it is meant to shine!


Trust that this experience is an ongoing cycle, that there are going to continue to be ups and downs, you mustn’t feel let down or be hard on yourself when you get to the low peaks, it is like in your roller coaster rides, you must go down in order to climb back up to reach that peak. If there are no lows you do not find the peaks, you do not find the exhilaration and the joy in the ride, because there would be no variance.  So, take your dips down, honor them, recognize them for their true worth, that they propel you forward, that they propel you upwards; they are part of the climb. You are preparing continually for the great work that you are doing. Uplift yourself. Care for yourself. Hold space to release the things that are tripping you up, or holding you prisoner in your mind somewhere. Just keep letting go. Keep breathing in and out. You have great abundance in all things. There is always more than enough. You are loved. Be love.


Channeling from Archangel Uriel:


You have been stretched to some of your very limits. And we keep stretching you further. Your mind is what we have been stretching so greatly. We greatly appreciate the ways in which we have seen you open that space, you are so far from where you began. Give yourself such amazing credit for that space that you have been able to hold and transform. You sit here now knowing that you sit at the fire across from the Chief that was you, that is you, from the King that was you, that is you. And now as an angel stands before you, your mind, the space in which caused and created such discomfort and pain for you for so many of your years and your young childhood and into your young adulthood, confused by the lessons that you were taught and the confusing lies and stories that were fed to you that felt untrue, that felt against your own nature, here you stand comfortably, firmly, feet planted in front of this fire, in front of the face and body and spirit and voice of an angel Uriel, and you believe whole heartedly. We like stretching you. We are not done stretching you. Keep breathing. Keep bending and stretching and growing this space.


Be confident, strong, reliable, you have much to say to others and much truth to speak. You have been tapped into, you are accessible, you have opened yourself up as the vessel that you intended to be, knowing that you would call back these parts of yourself to you again, knowing that you would call other energies and entities to yourself, ready and willing to speak, to hold that space, to pass that space along to others. Keep stretching. Let yourself be pliable. Let yourself be an open vessel.


© 2017 Alex Reegan