As a clairvoyant and empathic trans man, my life’s work is about the journey home to one’s true self, both physically and spiritually. My gifts and work as a Soul Seer are rooted in the lessons I have personally learned through re-integrating parts of my own soul on the journey to wholeness.


I carried many wounds from my youth, growing up queer with psychic/intuitive abilities in an ultra-conservative Christian family. As a child I was often confused by my feelings since I intuited the truth of situations, even when others around me often tried to convince me of a different reality. This played out most profoundly through the experience of my being born biologically female, though I knew at my soul’s level that I was undeniably male.


After living for years with depression, anxiety, addiction and deep grief, I embarked on a sacred journey of transformation and was able to find relief and healing through my spiritual journey. This path led to the rediscovery and reclaiming of my own soul essence, and of my dedication to living and applying the divine guidance and principles received from the Spirit realm so that I could be whole in my mind, body and soul. Now I help others to do the same.


Additionally as a transgender man, I possess the unique ability to engage with and understand both masculine and feminine aspects emotionally and have deep insight into the Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine energies we all carry within us.


Overall, as a Soul Seer I empower you to view your light more clearly so that you can experience your divine direction with clarity. This is a journey home to yourself, to the light within you that was always meant to be your guide. Allow me to help you illuminate the way.



With gratitude,



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